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PPT full form meaning

So you can see many PPT full form which is given below – 1) Power Point Presentation is the meaning of PPT, which is computer software developed by Microsoft on May 22, 1990, as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This software is written in C++ language. PPT was developed or created by Dennis Austin and […]

HD full form meaning

What is HD meaning?, HD full form, HD stand for? Above given question is the basic question which is asking by user on internet. It is a very common question and many of us knows the meaning of HD. I know, we are all aware about this word and HD full form is High Definition which […]

CCTV full form meaning | Full form of CC Camera

We have two popular CCTV full form which is famous globally. The first one is most popular globally and second is famous in China because it’s a TV network. First is Closed Circuit Television which is special camera device, designed to monitor a particular place. With this camera we can monitor any place and can watch […]

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