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ATM Full Form | Meaning of ATM

What is the ATM Full Form?

There is two type of full form of ATM. Automated teller machine is the full form of ATM, which is also known as money machine, cash point, cash line or hole in the wall. It is an electronic machine which is generally use for withdraw, You can withdraw your money(but limited) from the machine using your ATM/Credit/Debit/Master Card in 24*7. But in modern world this machine is updated, and now we are able to do some more works :-

  • Bill Payments
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry
  • Check Deposit
  • Fund Transfer
  • Prepaid Mobile Recharge  and more.

Do you Want to Search location of ATM (ATM Full Form)? Click the link below – http://www.visa.com/atmlocator/index.jsp Asynchronous Transfer Mode is the meaning of ATM is, according to the it’s Forum, “a telecommunications concept defined by ANSI and ITU (formerly CCITT) standards for carriage of a complete range of user traffic, including voice, data, and video signals”.

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