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CCTV full form | Meaning of CCTV camera

1) Closed-Circuit Television is the CCTV full form, its a camera which monitor everything as we want on our wish. CC TV is a camera or device which has a digital camera and auto focus technique which records everything and saves it to database or hard disk and we can see it to any time […]

CNBC full form | Meaning of CNBC news channel

Consumer News and Business Channel is the meaningĀ of CNBC news channel. It is an American Business news channel on TV based on internet and satellite. It was started on 17th of April 1989. Later, it was owned by the NBC Universal News Group. Right now, this channel is available in many countries such as in […]

COM full form meaning

What is the full form of .com? .COM is stand for ‘commercial’ word. which means regarding to businesses. For Example :- www.google.com www.facebook.com www.fullformof.com It is an extension of web or website of domain or simply – it is a domain extension. Commercial word is the full form of .com which is a TLD which […]

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