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ACE full form meaning

What is the ACE full form? We found many full form of ACE which is given below:- Action Construction Equipment is the full name of ACE which is an India’s respected manufacturer in material handling and construction equipment. American Council on Exercise is the full form of ACE which is the most reputed non profit […]

SAARC full form meaning

SAARC full form is South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation which is an economical and geopolitical firm in eight countries such as India, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan. SAARC was get existence in 1985 by 7 countries but later Afghanistan joined this corporation so they become eight. SAARC provides a platform for the peoples of South Asia to […]

NCR full form meaning

What is the full form of NCR? We found five NCR full form which is given below. National Cash Register is the full form of NCR Corporation is an American computer hardware and electronics company that provides products and services that enable businesses to connect, interact and transact with their customers. It was Founded in 1884 and […]

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