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BMW full form | Meaning of BMW

BMW is a car maker company originated at 7 March 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. Bavarian Motor Works is makes and sells car and also make bikes with bicycle. BMW full form is Bavarian Motor Work which is in English language, and in German language Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.B M W Motorrad is known for bike and […]

CEAT Full Form | Meaning of CEAT Tyre

What is the full form of CEAT? Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino is the full form of CEAT which is a Mumbai based Tyre company in India and founded in Italy as CEAT Tyres by Virginio Bruni Tedeschi. This company was formed in 1958 but sold to Pirelli by Virginio’s heir Alberto Tedeschi in 1970. In […]

ACE Full Form | Meaning of ACE

What is the ACE full form? We found many full form of ACE. Which is given below:- Action Construction Equipment is the full name of ACE which is an India’s respected manufacturer in material handling and construction equipment. American Council on Exercise is the full form of ACE which is the most respectfully non profit […]

ADIDAS full form | Meaning of Adidas company or brand

What is the full form of ADIDAS? Adolf “Adi” Dassler is the ADIDAS meaning which is a German company. ADIDAS is the manufacturer of sports cloth/shoes and other accessories. It’s head quarter is located at Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. It is the parent company for the Adidas Group, which includes of the Reebok sportswear company, Taylor […]

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