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NET Full Form | Meaning of NET

What is the NET full form? We found two full forms regarding to NET. We can understand from the NETWORK, NET is the half word of network. Its an extension of domains, means its a gTLD(generic top-level domain) on Internet. NET extension for Domain Name System was founded or created for those companies or organization […]

WMA Full Form | Meaning of WMA

What is the full form of WMA? William Morris Agency is the full form of WMA which held the record of being the longest-running entertainment talent agency, spanning 109 years. It represented some of the most well-known entertainers of the 20th century across mediums like TV, music and film. In April 2009, WMA dissolve with […]

COM Full Form | COM Meaning

What is the full form of .com? .COM is stand for ‘commercial’ word. which means regarding to businesses. For Example :- www.google.com www.facebook.com www.fullformof.com It is an extension of web or website of domain or simply – it is a domain extension. Commercial is he full form of .com which is a TLD which was […]

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