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SVC full form | Meaning of SVC Bank

What does SVC Bank Stand For? Shamrao Vithal Co-operative is the meaning of SVC which is a bank in India founded in 1906, and its head quarter located at Mumbai and founded at the time was starting of Co-Operative bank in India. Some products by svcbank which is in market such as – Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Retail […]

KYC full form meaning

What is the KYC full form? This word is mostly uses in financial institution such as bank’s, loan provider’s, Insurance firms, etc but it is also found’s in all companies specially for those who provides service for customer. It is a process where customer services provider verifying the customer identity as well as check all […]

JCB full form meaning, Crane, Bank, Tools

We found many acronym for JCB which is given with short information. Joseph Cyril Bamford is the JCB full form. It is a Machine or Crane which is known worldwide. This machine can be used for constructions / in agriculture / military etc. It is a British multinational company whose head quarter placed at Rocester, […]

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