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GYM full form meaning

GYM meaning is Gymnasium. It is a space where people exercise the body to keep fit, agile and active. It can be indoor or outdoor too. Geoworks generic symbol files – GYM is an extension in software system. Guaymas – It is a city in Mexico country 1769. Gudiyatham – It is city in India and GYM […]

GMail full form meaning

What is the meaning of GMail? Guy’s, I think there is no need to write this content about the GMAIL full form because everybody know the full name of GMail. It is stand for Google Mail. It is a mail service which is known by worldwide. This service is started by Google from 2004. It is a […]

GRE full form meaning

What is the full form of GRE? Graduate Record Examinations is the full form of GRE. It is an entrance exam for admission in programs such as – Graduation, Post graduation PhD programme In the USA, Canada, India and other English-speaking countries. Test Structure GRE test is totally computer based online examination. GRE test included 6(six) […]

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