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GMail full form meaning

What is the meaning of GMail? Guy’s, I think there is no need to write this content about the GMAIL full form¬†because everybody know the full name of GMail. It is stand for Google Mail. It is a mail service which is known by worldwide. This service is started by¬†Google from 2004. It is a […]

RSS full form meaning

In this topic I will let you know about RSS full form. I found two famou short word with it’s short information. Rich Site Summary – RSS main work is to sent email to the subscribers for the latest and updated information or article on website. This is related to website which is called Feed. […]

COM full form meaning

What is the full form of .com? .COM is stand for ‘commercial’ word. which means regarding to businesses. For Example :- www.google.com www.facebook.com www.fullformof.com It is an extension of web or website of domain or simply – it is a domain extension. Commercial word is the full form of .com which is a TLD which […]

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