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MBBS full form | Meaning of MBBS

What is the MBBS full form? Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is the meaning of MBBS. This is a medical study which allows medical student to become a doctor. After the course student can put ‘Dr.’ word in the front of his/her name and can able give treatment to patient(s). Ex. Dr APJ Abdul […]

ACE Full Form | Meaning of ACE

What is the ACE full form? We found many full form of ACE. Which is given below:- Action Construction Equipment is the full name of ACE which is an India’s respected manufacturer in material handling and construction equipment. American Council on Exercise is the full form of ACE which is the most respectfully non profit […]

STD Full Form | Meaning of STD

What is the meaning of STD? Here, We found two meaning which is given below. Subscriber TrunkĀ DialingĀ is stand for STD, which allows to connect the call in different state with dialing of 0 or zero. You are not allowed to connect your call to other state without dialing 0 via telephone or landline and mobile […]


We can refer LTD for Limited. It is a short form for Limited. Companies / firm’s are uses this word. Here another LTD full form given below. Linear transformer driver – LTD is an annular parallel connection of switches and capacitors designed to deliver rapid high power pulses. Long-term depression

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