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SWATI full form meaning name

What is the full form of SWATI? SWATI full form is Society for Women’s Action and Training Initiatives. It is a non profit organization and working for women. It’s main work for help poor women and to prevent crime’s, Trafficking etc, about women’s. This organization is placed in Gujarat, India. Mission Main work is promote the human […]

STD full form meaning

What is the meaning of STD? Here, We found two meaning which is given below. Subscriber Trunk Dialing is stand for STD, which allows to connect the call in different state with dialing of 0 or zero. You are not allowed to connect your call to other state without dialing 0 via telephone or landline and mobile […]

SIM full form meaning

What is the SIM full form? Subscriber Identity / Identification Module is the meaning of SIM Card. It is a plastic / wood card or a chip which can support telecom network as well as it can store some data such as – Contact, Short Messages, Network Specific Information. This is really nice and portable chip. Because […]

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