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GYM Full Form | Meaning of GYM

What is the Meaning of GYM? GYM Full Form is Gymnasium. It is a space where peoples exercise the body to keep fit, agile and active. It can be indoor or outdoor too. Geoworks generic symbol files – GYM is an extension in software system. Guaymas – It is a city in Mexico country 1769. Gudiyatham – […]

WAP full form | Meaning of WAP

There are four types of word’s meaning regarding to WAP. Wireless Application Protocol is the WAP full form which is for accessing information on mobiles wireless network. A WAP browser is a web browser for mobile devices such as mobile phones that uses the protocol. Examples – m.facebook.com mobile.twitter.com Wireless access point is the wap full form is […]

WMA Full Form | Meaning of WMA

What is the full form of WMA? William Morris Agency is the full form of WMA which held the record of being the longest-running entertainment talent agency, spanning 109 years. It represented some of the most well-known entertainers of the 20th century across mediums like TV, music and film. In April 2009, WMA dissolve with […]

ATM Full Form | Meaning of ATM

What is the ATM Full Form? There is two type of full form of ATM. Automated teller machine is the full form of ATM, which is also known as money machine, cash point, cash line or hole in the wall. It is an electronic machine which is generally use for withdraw, You can withdraw your money(but […]

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