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GYM full form meaning

GYM meaning is Gymnasium. It is a space where people exercise the body to keep fit, agile and active. It can be indoor or outdoor too. Geoworks generic symbol files – GYM is an extension in software system. Guaymas – It is a city in Mexico country 1769. Gudiyatham – It is city in India and GYM […]

PPT full form meaning

So you can see many PPT full form which is given below – 1) Power Point Presentation is the meaning of PPT, which is computer software developed by Microsoft on May 22, 1990, as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This software is written in C++ language. PPT was developed or created by Dennis Austin and […]

HD full form meaning

What is HD meaning?, HD full form, HD stand for? Above given question is the basic question which is asking by user on internet. It is a very common question and many of us knows the meaning of HD. I know, we are all aware about this word and HD full form is High Definition which […]

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