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CCTV full form | Meaning of CCTV camera

1) Closed-Circuit Television is the CCTV full form, its a camera which monitor everything as we want on our wish. CC TV is a camera or device which has a digital camera and auto focus technique which records everything and saves it to database or hard disk and we can see it to any time on some device such as Mobile/Laptops/Desktop or TV exclusively. They are not same as broadcast because broadcast signals are for all TV, yeah they also can send signal from specified location but limited to specified monitors/TV’s.

Uses of CCTV:-Theses camera’s are specially using for security reasons and for monitoring to prevent crime’s. Now they are using mostly by people for offices and houses. It uses two signals either analogue or digital, From that signals video or footage can be save directly to storage device as laptop or computer.

Places, where CCTV full form camera’s become mandatory:- Banks, Airports/Railway Station’s, near to road’s or square or public street’s as well as ordinary people are also installing these technology to their residence and their office or shops too.

Types of CC TV camera:- There are many kind of CCTV’s are available in market.

Internet Protocol Camera’s:-Basically they are called as IP camera because they works on LAN for transfer of video in digitally. Which can be access by any where from computer and mobile too. This technology is become popular for home use because people’s can monitor their home or residence from any where with the help of internet.

Wireless CCTV Camera:- As we can understand from name, those camera who does not need video cable’s are called wireless camera’s, but power supply cable is required.

2) China Central Television is an another CCTV meaning which is a broadcast television network. It show’s program of mixture of news, documentary, comedy, entertainment, and drama, the majority of which consists of Chinese soap operas and entertainment. It has 45 channel network which is accessible more than 1 billion viewers.

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