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IBM Full Form

International Business Machines is stand for IBM. It was originally founded by Thomas J.Watson in 1911. It’s an American multi-national brand, which works on Hardware and software well, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in area ranging from mainframe computers to nano technology.

IBM was founded by three companies such as –

  • Tabulating Machine Company,
  • International Time Recording Company,
  • Computing Scale Company.

Actually, It was founded as CTR (Computing Tabulating Recording Company) the above three companies was merged together and CTR was found. In 1924, CTR was renamed as IBM and come in existence.

It’s headquarters located at Armonk, Town of North Castle, New York, United States. Currently it’s serving their services in more than 170 countries.

This company acquired some companies such as –

  • spinning off in 1991
  • PwC Consulting Business in 2002
  • SPSS in 2009
  • Kenexa in 2014

International Business Machines website is ibm.com

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