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WAP full form | Meaning of WAP

There are four types of word’s meaning regarding to WAP. Wireless Application Protocol is the WAP full form which is for accessing information on mobiles wireless network. A WAP browser is a web browser for mobile devices such as mobile phones that uses the protocol. Examples – m.facebook.com mobile.twitter.com Wireless access point is the wap full form is […]

MBBS full form | Meaning of MBBS

What is the MBBS full form? Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is the meaning of MBBS. This is a medical study which allows medical student to become a doctor. After the course student can put ‘Dr.’ word in the front of his/her name and can able give treatment to patient(s). Ex. Dr APJ Abdul […]

BMW full form | Meaning of BMW

BMW is a car maker company originated at 7 March 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. Bavarian Motor Works is makes and sells car and also make bikes with bicycle. BMW full form is Bavarian Motor Work which is in English language, and in German language Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.B M W Motorrad is known for bike and […]

TIME full form | AM, PM Meaning

What is the TIME full form? We found two type of full form regarding to TIME which is given below. AM – Ante Meridian PM – Post Meridian Both above words come from Latin language and in English language(just given below). AM – Before Noon PM – After Noon AM is used from midnight (00:00) to noon […]

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