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BMW full form, meaning, definition, abbreviation

This article is presenting summarized information of BMW. You will find many article on internet when you search BMW full form. Basically BMW is a German car company and now it is available globally. First this company was manufacturing engines only, later came in production of body designing / creation of car, came in the […]

KFC full form meaning

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the meaning of KFC where Kentucky is a state, located in the east south-central region of the United States. It is well know by the world for selling fried chickens. It is a chain restaurant which is increasing there branches worldwide day by day. KFC is a biggest fast food […]

CCTV full form | Meaning of CCTV camera

1) Closed-Circuit Television is the CCTV full form, its a camera which monitor everything as we want on our wish. CC TV is a camera or device which has a digital camera and auto focus technique which records everything and saves it to database or hard disk and we can see it to any time […]

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