Acura Type S Concept 2019: S For Sporty

As a luxury version of Honda, Acura seems aware that the design direction and philosophy of each product must be confirmed. If Lexus and Infiniti have just shown their concept of the future. Acura is rushing to take similar steps. This handsome blue sedan is the Acura Type S Concept. And in addition to describing the direction of the future Acura design. Acura promises that the “Type S” family will be re-raised.

For Acura, the “Type S” is the same as the Type R. Suppose that if the high-performance Honda has the Type R effect. Then the Acura uses the name Type S., not 10 more years. However, there are some things we like about this concept, for example, the long bonnet and backward pillar A. This car is so unsightly.

The long engine bonnet and backward A-pillar which helped make the windshield sloping slightly gave the impression that the car appeared like a rear-wheel-drive sedan. This is also reinforced by the C pillar that sits right on the rear wheels. Come on Honda and Acura, once in a while try to make a rear-wheel-drive car. At least for Acura, it’s okay. The proportion of Acura Type S is already very well you know. It’s a shame that this concept isn’t maximized.

At the front, the distinctive Acura-shaped grille called the Diamond Pentagon remains and is home to the Acura “A” emblem that at a glance looks like a clothespin plus the “Type S” emblem. The headlamps use the Acura multi-projector version called “Jewel Eye LED” and the LED DRL lights are notched sharply. The LED DRL is referred to as “Chicane”. Front bumper complete with carbon fiber inspired by NSX.

Behind the wide Acura Type S fender, there is a 21-inch rim that accompanies a large disc brake plus a yellow Brembo 4 piston calipers. Firm lines arranged neatly from front to back. The stern of this concept car has a short trunk, ducktail and rear diffuser made of carbon fiber, full LED taillights and 4 large exhausts that are very very sporty. Oh, I hope that something like this can be produced.

Unfortunately, Acura is still tight-lipped about interior and engine details, anyway they say this Acura Type S uses “high-performance engine”. A clichĂ© answer, but with the Type S reappearance plan. Acura introduces a turbo V6 engine designed specifically for Acura. The turbo V6 engine will be connected to the Acura mainstay AWD drive. Which is the Super Handling-All Wheel Drive or SH-AWD. What is your opinion Convey in the comments column!