KIA Mohave 2020: Second Generation KIA Ladder Frame SUV

For the SUV segment with quite large dimensions, KIA has several products that have been set. The first is the KIA Sorento which has been in existence for 17 years. And the second is the KIA Telluride which is a new SUV and its position is above the KIA Sorento. Well, not many people know that there is another SUV that is also owned by KIA with similar dimensions – similar to KIA Sorento. And the car is KIA Mohave.

A little studying history, KIA Mohave himself was introduced since 2008. This car is sold in South Korea and the United States. So, naturally, the Indonesian public is somewhat unfamiliar with KIA Mohave. KIA Mohave was also sold under another name KIA Borrego in North America. But poor sales made the local KIA decide to replace this SUV with KIA Sorento. KIA Mohave was a ladder frame SUV with a length of almost 4.9 meters which made it the largest KIA SUV in the US. So, what about the KIA Mohave 2020 figure?

In general, the design of the KIA Mohave 2020 changes completely if compared to its predecessor. On the front side, KIA Mohave 2020 has a lightbox with 4 LED projectors that appear disguised with its grille. Well, on the sidelines of the four projector lamps there are LED DRL in the form of vertical lines. While the LED fog lights are positioned slightly down. The grille is messy but still has a tiger-nose KIA style silhouette. While the bumper is also messy and looks handsome, especially coupled with its silver skid plate.

Moving to the side, KIA Mohave 2020 has a high stature and a fairly large and motorized fender. The alloy wheels used are still in regular silver color with a dual spoke 6 spoke model. On the side, the pull of the line from KIA Mohave 2020 is also still impressive, messy, and masculine. Moving to the backside, KIA Mohave has rear lights that seem to connect from the left to the right side. Whereas the middle side where the ‘Mohave’ emblem is not a lamp. The taillights are on the outer side with 7 LED Bar shapes on each side. While there are 4 pieces of muffler and messy shape.

Overall, KIA Mohave 2020 appears in a form that is masculine and tough, but also modern. This car will be armed with a 3,000cc V6 Gasoline engine. While the 260 PS-powered diesel variant and 560 Nm torque combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission reportedly will also follow. And if seen from the emblem on the backside, KIA Mohave 2020 will be present in the AWD motion system option, maybe the RWD variant will be offered as a cheaper option. So, what do you think of the figure of this SUV ladder frame from KIA?