Toyota: Supra Will Have Faster Engine Variants!

The presence of the latest generation of Toyota Supra is indeed an answer from waiting for the fans of the manufacturer of the three elliptical logo from Japan. The return of the Toyota Supra is a drug that feels right for those who have been waiting for Toyota’s sports car alerts. However. When this car was introduced, some criticisms were immediately accepted. One of them is related to the performance of the A90 coded coupe.

Yep, the Toyota Supra is not equipped with an engine that is too violent. This car relies on a 3,000cc inline 6 cylinder engine which is also used by its twin from Germany, the BMW Z4. It’s just that, in the kitchen of the Toyota Supra runway. The engine only produces maximum power at 335 hp. Whereas in the BMW Z4 M40i, the same engine produces far more power, reaching 382 hp. Tetsuya Tada, the figure who played a big role behind the return of the Toyota Supra. He also opened his voice about this criticism.

Tada-san mentioned that the story journey from Toyota Supra will not stop here. The development of the Toyota Supra will continue. And Tada-san claims that the more days the Toyota Supra will be more different than the BMW Z4. Tada-san said, “As a Sports car, what we can promise is to offer a higher performance with additional versions to be offered”. Well, from Tada-san’s statement a simple conclusion can be drawn that there will be some special versions that will be offered by Toyota Supra.

And in these special versions, the Toyota Supra will have a higher performance engine. Quoting from AutoBlog, there are predictions that later Toyota Supra will get a facelift version after 3 years old. And in the facelift version, the engine of the standard version of the Toyota Supra will also be upgraded, say only up to 50 hp. Tada-san itself is still tight-lipped about what additional versions will be presented at the Toyota Supra. But on this occasion, Tada-san gave an interesting statement. The statement was related to the Toyota Supra manual transmission.

“For Toyota consumers who want to have a Toyota Sport car with a fun manual transmission. Then they can buy a Toyota 86,” said Tada. This statement clearly illustrates that the Toyota Supra manual transmission is canceled. So what do you think?